• Everyone goes home unharmed. Everyday. No exceptions.
  • PWUSI is committed to maintaining constant sight of our mission – to provide a quality service without incidents to our employees and property and for the preservation of our environment. Safety is our number one priority, ranking above all other aspects of our business.
  • Prior to job commencement, employees are trained to mitigate safety and environmental risks as well as identify potential hazards. Every employee is trained not only to the project specific and customer related requirements but also to the high standards that PWUSI holds throughout our company.
  • Our Director of Safety is constantly reviewing and revising our safety standards to ensure that all of our practices meet our safety goals.
  • All of our projects have a Safety Specialist that has been trained to oversee the safe work practices for each task that we do.
  • By involving everyone from the executive level to the laborers in the field, we drive a safety culture that everyone buys into. Weekly management reviews are safety-focused, and we pride ourselves on our performance and record.