Maintenance & Integrity Solutions

We provide all types of tactical pipeline construction services from longwall mining mitigation to landslide and slip repair. From anomaly work to tie-ins, interconnects to pipe pick-up and relay, our team has the experience and skill to cover all of your job requirements. If it’s environmental services you need, PWUSI has you covered. Rock toe keys, French drains, curtain drains, armoring, erosion control, and stream reclamation are all within our scope of work. Our professionals are trained on the latest maintenance and tactical repair projects and can readily provide material selection and value engineering solutions upon request.

  • Landslide repairs
  • Anomaly work
  • Small fab work
  • Dirt, Pad, & Civil work
  • Pig run support
  • Creek remediation
  • ROW maintenance and mowing
  • Clockspring & Atlas Training